Introducing Members Spotlight

Introducing Member Spotlight – a new feature for our Raynaud’s Blog and Cold Cuts Newsletter where fellow Frosties share their stories. It starts by hearing from you!

Things we’d love for you to share include:

  • How you were diagnosed
  • The hardships or limitations you experience as a Raynaud’s sufferer
  • How you cope day-to-day (e.g. products and medications used)
  • Life changes you made
  • How coping with your Raynaud’s has been more challenging during quarantine and the stress of the virus
  • How you learned about the Raynaud’s Association
  • How you use the Raynaud’s Association as a resource

Many of us had a difficult time getting doctors to recognize our symptoms. Some Frosties have to deal with friends, family and business associates not taking their pain and discomfort seriously. There may be difficult challenges at work (e.g. air conditioning in the warmer months), or just everyday challenges in the kitchen (e.g. defrosting meat).

We’d love to hear from you. Just fill out the Tell Us About You Form on our web site. If we choose to share all or part of your story in our next Member Spotlight, you’ll receive an email seeking your permission to do so. If we’d like more input, you’ll be hearing from us so we can speak with you directly for a short interview to learn more.

By sharing your experiences and challenges, fellow Frosties will see that they are not alone. There are millions of people living with Raynaud’s, and we learn a great deal from each other. So please send in your Tell Us About You Form now and share your voice with the Raynaud’s community!

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