Times Square Photo for 2020

Raynaud’s Awareness Month is Featured in Times Square!

Our Times Square photo for 2020 promotes the theme “Stress Giving you Cold Feet? It Might Be a Medical Condition.”

Below is the Times Square Photo for 2020 kicking off this year’s Raynaud’s Awareness Month campaign. It shows the color changes experienced during a Raynaud’s attack with the caption: “Color changes in the fingers and toes are a common marker for Raynaud’s phenomenon.”

Times Square Photo for 2020

This is the first year we’ve used a toe photo. We’re focusing this year’s campaign on cold feet as we’ve heard from some Frosties that they feel left out of communications that only talk about color changes in the fingers. 

The theme places an emphasis on raising awareness of stress as a trigger for Raynaud’s attacks. It brings attention to the increased stress in our everyday lives brought on by Covid-19 and how people living with Raynaud’s may now be experiencing more severe symptoms that warrant medical attention.

For more information about this year’s campaign, see our blog post 2020 Theme for Raynaud’s Awareness Month. Check out this year’s press release for the campaign. It promotes our Raynaud’s Quiz designed to help people who may have Raynaud’s identify with the symptoms. The quiz was first introduced for our 2019 campaign and has already attracted nearly 10,000 responders!