2020 Theme for Raynaud's Awareness Month

The 2020 theme for Raynaud’s Awareness Month is “Stress Giving You Cold Feet? It Might be a Medical Condition.” Our objective is to bring attention to the increased stress in our everyday lives brought on by Covid-19, and since stress triggers Raynaud’s attacks, some people living with Raynaud’s may now be experiencing more severe symptoms warranting medical attention.

We’re focusing this year’s campaign on cold feet as we’ve heard from some members and social media followers that they feel left out of communications that only show or reference color changes in the fingers. So for all of you white and blue-toed Frosties, please know we’re listening!

Further reinforcing the Cold Feet theme, we’re promoting our educational video developed earlier this year staring our lovable mascot Shivers. Shivers is a Blue-footed Booby found in the Galápagos Islands. Males in this species attract females with their colorful feet as a sign of health and wellness.  His bright blue feet made him a natural spokesbird for our cause and for promoting our 2020 theme for Raynaud’s Awareness Month.

Check out this year’s press release for the campaign. It features our Raynaud’s Quiz introduced last year to help those who may have Raynaud’s identify with the symptoms. The quiz continues to attract 50 to 100 responde