Thanks to fellow Frostie Ann Marie Catabia, we have a new Raynaud’s Awareness Month graphic!

Raynaud's Awareness Month Graphic

We wanted a design that goes beyond the ribbons used to promote awareness for many other ailments. This graphic does a wonderful job of communicating not only Raynaud’s symptoms, but also our mission of bringing warmth and comfort to those living with Raynaud’s.

We’ll be introducing new hoodies with the new Raynaud’s Awareness graphic soon, so keep watching our web site for the announcement, or check out our Raynaud’s Store to see when they become available.

Also check out this year’s press release for Raynaud’s Awareness Month. The theme this year is “A Disorder That May Be More Than A Nuisance.” Raynaud’s isn’t serious but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The press release also introduces our new Raynaud’s Quiz . Since only 10% of those living with Raynaud’s are aware that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation, we want to help people identify with the symptoms.

We kicked off the campaign this year with a photo in Times Square showing the color changes experienced during a Raynaud’s attack with the caption: “Color changes in the fingers are a common marker for Raynaud’s phenomenon.”

Hope you like the new graphic and that you’ll help us spread the word this October about Raynaud’s Awareness Month with friends, family and associates!

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