Raynaud’s Awareness Month Promoted in Times Square!

Below is the Times Square Photo for 2019 used by the Raynaud’s Association to kick off this year’s Raynaud’s Awareness Month campaign. It shows the color changes experienced during a Raynaud’s attack with the caption: “Color changes in the fingers are a common marker for Raynaud’s phenomenon.”

Times Square Photo for 2019

The theme this year is “A Disorder That May Be More Than A Nuisance.” A portion of Raynaud’s sufferers may have the secondary form. In these cases it might be a sign – often the first sign – that a serious autoimmune disease like scleroderma, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis is the culprit.

The Raynaud’s Association encourages doctors, as well as patients, to take Raynaud’s seriously. That includes running the appropriate diagnostic tests to confirm the presence of another disorder that warrants attention and treatment, particularly among sufferers with more severe symptoms.

Let’s hope that the Times Square photo for 2019 captures attention from Frosties in this high traffic area!

Check out this year’s press release for the campaign. It introduces our new Raynaud’s Quiz designed to help people who may have Raynaud’s identify with the symptoms.

Also check out our new graphic to help promote Raynaud’s Awareness Month!

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