Wear a Dress in the Fall

Women living with Raynaud’s often have to kiss sexy, feminine clothes goodbye throughout the year. Even in warm summer months, air conditioning can make sleeveless tops and shorts frigid choices; in cooler months, flannel and wool, along with thick boots, become our staples. So we were really curious to see an article in Verileet Magazine titled “Five Ways to Wear a Dress in the Fall and Not Freeze.” Sounds like it was written for Frostie females!

Since Verileet is a Minneapolis/St. Paul fashion and lifestyle magazine, we figured they’d be a good resource for how to dress for warmth and still look chic. It’s easy to cover up a dress with lots of layers; harder to do so in a way that you can still see the beauty and flow of the dress to make a fashion statement.

Overall, the magazine suggests working with thick fabrics and layers: Wool sweaters, boots, warm tights, and even slips (remember these from when you were a kid?).

Here are some of their strategies:

  1. Sweater Dresses – Makes sense, start with a warmer dress fabric. The good news this year is the trend is for an oversized fit, so that leaves room for layers like camisoles, slips and tights. We’d suggest opting for a turtleneck style for extra skin coverage.
  2. Cardigan Wraps – Add an outer layer with a long cardigan. They suggest wearing it over a summer dress which still gives us a bit of a chill, but a warmer fall dress fabric under a long cardigan, plus some tights and tall boots, could work for Frosties.
  3. Sweater Over a Maxi-Dress – Here’s one we didn’t think of: Put a sweater over the dress! Match up a thick, warm sweater with a long dress and it looks like you’re wearing a long skirt, but there’s an extra layer of warmth under the sweater. Another grea