Gloves in BoxThe first line of an article published this fall in the Wall Street Journal titled Gloves: More than Accessories, They Are Statements opens with “Gloves were ubiquitous on fall’s runways,” and it gives Raynaud’s sufferers lots of tips on how to keep their hands and fingers warm yet fashionable.

Victoria Stapleton, founder and creative director of luxury fashion label Brora in the UK, is interviewed on the trend, and she provides several ideas on how to make these practical accessories a colorful, fun addition to an outfit – even for those who are a bit intimidated about wearing bright colors or busy patterns.

The article highlights five of her tips, but there are more woven in throughout the story.  Here are a few:

  • Gloves can be a handy way to add a pop of color to the season’s mainstay dark shades of black, grey and dark blue.
  • Enhance understated outfits with patterned gloves.  Stapleton is partial to color blocks, animal prints, Aztec and snowflake patterns.
  • Try to avoid the “match” look of gloves and scarfs or other accessories being exact clones, but do have them share a common shade.
  • For a patterned coat, pick up a color for the gloves and they can add a little texture, like a basket weave or cable knit.
  • Fingerless gloves can be part of your indoor outfit (yea!).  Stapleton gives the analogy of wearing them like “colorful cuffs” and advises not to make them too chunky.  She’s partial to fine-weight cashmere fabrics.
  • While long gloves are showing up now for daytime wear, steer towards thin, lightweight fabrics and pair them with 2 or 3-ply sweaters with the gloves tucked under the sleeves for a seamless look.
  • Hold the shiny fabrics (satin, silk) for evening wear – with one exception – leather, which looks great with knitwear because of the contrast.
  • Use judgement, as gloves don’t work in all settings (e.g., important business meetings), but if your role allows you to show some arty flair, go for it!

We take exception to one of Stapleton’s comments: she cautions against wearing mittens, saying they look a bit childish for adults.  Maybe so, but they are a warmer solution for us Frosties!

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