Susan on Facebook posted a link to a road trip most Frosties would love:  It’s a year-long trek across the United States designed to experience temperatures of 70 degrees every single day!  It was published in an article called A 13,235-Mile Road Trip for 70-Degree Weather Every Day on Atlantic Monthly’s CityLab site.

While some readers commented that you could accomplish a similar result by just staying in San Diego or Honolulu all year, that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.  And there are a couple of other issues pointed out by commenters:  For example it ends the year December 31st in Southern California and starts the year January 1st in the southern tip of Texas – so you can’t just keep the route going from year-to-year.  Also, some folks might have an issue spending three months of the year in Texas (it is a warm state in the chilly season!).  But all in all, the itinerary covers a good portion of the United States.

To calculate average daily high temperatures in U.S. cities, meteorologist Brian Brettschneider pulled daily “normal” high temperatures (averages recorded from 1981 to 2010) from every weather station in the U.S. and Canada and “just connected the dots.”

Here’s a video showing the migration of the planned road trip.  It’s like watching a dancing dot ballet!


One article commenter shared a web site that lets you make travel plans according to the weather – check out

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