We’re sorry to see the cooler weather season begin, but the good news is we’re now able to find a few new products to keep Frosties toasty. Here are our Hot Products for Fall 2020:

Hot Products for Fall 2020

Toasti Heated Mousepad – People with Raynaud’s are always looking for new ways to add heat to their activities, particularly devices that won’t get in the way or add hurdles to getting our work done or enjoying some down time. The concept of a heated mousepad falls into this category. The pad plugs into a standard wall outlet. It’s wider than the average mousepad, so there’s room to move around without being cramped by a limited space. While only the wrist is being heated, the idea is that this warmth will open the blood flow to the hand and fingers. But, of course, it’s only one hand on the pad, so your non-working hand may feel cheated, plus it doesn’t offer much relief for when two-handed typing is required. So it appears best for when you’re browsing the web, reading content or playing your favorite computer games. The mousepad offers three heat levels, but we can predict most Frosties will enjoy the High setting! Available from Toasti for $69.99. While you’re on their web site, check out the Heated Body Mat – looks like a great way to warm up for your next Yoga class!

Hot Products for Fall 2020

2 in 1 Cold Weather Face Mask & Ear Muffs – Frosties may find the added layer of wearing a face mask in cold weather offers comforting warmth in these challenging times! The full product name on this one is “2 in 1 Winter Fall Cold Weather Adult Face Mask Scarf Neck Protector Ear Muffs Warm Double Layer” – quite a handful for a name, but it’s accurately descriptive of the product’s dual functions. Why they included “Neck Protector” in the name is still a mystery, especially since the 2 in 1 part of the name refers to the mask + ear muffs. These masks come in neutrals, basic shades (like navy), plus a feminine pale pink and a couple of fun bright colors (hot pink, red with black trim). Made of comfortable plush fabric by Pureairfacemasks, they are described as “plush, fluffy and soft,” all a great way to protect our nose, cheeks and ears from wind and cold.

For years, we’ve fielded questions from Frosties asking how to keep their noses warm in colder months, as it’s not like you can just add a sweater…While we’d prefer not to be dealing with a health epidemic bringing stress and grief to everyone, at least Raynaud’s sufferers have new options to keep their noses warm this season! Check these out on Etsy for $19.99.

If you try any of these Hot Products for Fall 2020, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to info@raynauds.org, post them in our Discussion Forum, on our Facebook Fan page or share them with us on Instagram.

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