Glider Gloves Are Back

We’re happy to announce Glider Gloves are back! Glider has renewed its support as a Corporate Sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association. Plus, new inventory of a limited edition version of their Winter Style gloves branded with our logo is now available for sale in our Raynaud’s Store.

Glider Gloves are touchscreen-friendly, allowing people with Raynaud’s to avoid painful attacks when exposing frosted paws outdoors to send or receive mobile messages.

The best analogy we can offer for these gloves is to think of them like a warm protective layer of long underwear for your hands. Unlike other touchscreen-friendly gloves we’ve tried, their Winter Style has the benefit of a triple layer, well-insulated design that helps trap heat and circulate it – including a special conductive copper yarn for the shell, a plaited middle layer, and a soft, brushed acrylic layer that sits next to the skin.

While thin enough to support good touch accuracy and dexterity, the gloves are a bit thicker than other conductive liner products we’ve tested, so they make a great option for in-between seasons when we don’t need to bring out our heavy-duty wool artillery. However, you will want to add an outer layer on colder, windier days.

Special features include:

  • The entire surface of the glove is conductive – not just the fingertips. So you can use any part of the hand, finger or knuckle to text, browse or answer your phone.  And do it all without exposing your fingers to the cold – amen!
  • They offer an anti-slip grip for keeping a firm hold on your mobile device or steering wheel. While not easily visible, lots of “grippers” are woven into the full surface of the glove, from the fingers and thumb down to the bottom of the palm.
  • Inner tag of the right glove is made of micro fiber, and can be used to wipe and clean your touchscreens. A real added bonus!

Glider Gloves offer a warm, comfortable solution for staying in touch on all mobile devices. And when you purchase them from our Raynaud’s Store, you’ll be both supporting our cause with your purchase, AND promoting our cause by displaying our uplifting logo on your toasty paws. We’re so happy to report that Glider Gloves are back!

Here’s our full Product Review on Glider Gloves, and the link to purchase them in our Raynaud’s Store.

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