2020 Raynaud’s Awareness Month Hits New Milestones!

Our 2020 Raynaud’s Awareness Month campaign this past October hit several new milestones and we wanted to share them with the Raynaud’s community.

2020 Raynaud's Awareness Month

This year’s press release titled “Stress Giving You Cold Feet? It Might be a Medical Condition” was picked up by 96 publications with a total potential audience of nearly 750 million. That’s a greater reach than we’ve ever achieved! A good portion of that audience is attributed to YouTube picking up our new educational video featured in the release starring our lovable mascot Shivers, a Blue-footed Booby found in the Galápagos Islands. Shivers’ bright blue feet make him a natural spokesbird for our cause, and he proved a useful asset in promoting our 2020 theme for Raynaud’s Awareness Month.

As a measure of how well we’re doing in increasing awareness, we monitored the press Raynaud’s received during the month of October in 2020 and compared it to what was achieved in the previous year. The results were quite positive: Our publication coverage increased 29%, the dollar value of the media Raynaud’s received was up 174% and our audience reach increased nearly 10 times – a 900% increase!

2020 Raynaud's Awareness Month

But wait, there’s more good news: We again promoted the Raynaud’s Quiz created in 2019 designed to engage people in recognizing Raynaud’s symptoms. To date, over 21,000 people have responded to the quiz, and, as the quiz remains live throughout the year, we continue to receive 500 to 1,000 new responders each week.

We continue to work hard at promoting Raynaud’s awareness and providing information and support that offers warmth and comfort to people living with this widespread but little known medical condition. Your support helps fund these efforts, so we hope you’ll consider a donation to help us promote Raynaud’s awareness not only during the month of October, but throughout the year.