Hispanic Raynaud's GuideWe’re excited to announce that a new version of our 35-page guide “The Cold Facts on Raynaud’s” is now available.  We’ve had requests for an Hispanic Raynaud’s guide for some time, and are happy to be able to offer Spanish-speaking Frosties an educational resource on Raynaud’s phenomenon.

This new Hispanic Raynaud’s guide was made possible by a generous donation of time from NYC Tutoring, a tutoring service supporting NYC students.  During the pandemic the organization wanted to give back to great causes in the community by offering pro bono translation services to select nonprofits in the New York metropolitan area, and we were fortunate enough to have made their list!  All of their tutors are graduates of top universities, and they offer services to students of all ages across a range of subjects and languages.

The 35-page Raynaud’s guide, The Cold Facts on Raynaud’s (and strategies for a warmer life), compiles the best of our published materials from our website, brochures, frequently asked questions and newsletters. Contents include:

  • What is Raynaud’s?
  • How Common is Raynaud’s?
  • Diagnosis & Treatments
  • Coping with Raynaud’s & Related Issues
  • Raynaud’s Research
  • The Raynaud’s Association: A Warm Voice

The Hispanic version of the booklet is now available to download at no cost. Click this button below to obtain your free copy:

Hispanic Raynaud's Guide

We’re very grateful to the team at NYC Tutoring for all of their helpful efforts.  This guide is something we’ve been wanting to make available for some time, and are glad to finally be able to extend a warm hand to the Hispanic community.

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