Chiropractic Care for Raynaud’s



Chiropractic Care for Raynaud’sI am a chiropractor, so it came as a surprise when a patient requested chiropractic care for Raynaud’s syndrome. He (yes, one of the 10%) has episodes when working outside in the winter here in east central Kansas. He has been a chiropractic patient of mine for a while and knows that I help relieve his occasional back pain, shoulder issues and plantar fasciitis, etc. I did some research on Raynaud’s Syndrome, finding some (actually, very little) published evidence that chiropractic can help.

I have found some suspected ‘triggers’ of Raynaud’s in the medical literature, though I could not find any specific cause that can be pointed to directly. The top suspects for an episode that can be treated with Chiropractic care include restricted blood flow, Thoracic outlet syndrome (compression of nerves and blood vessels that supply the upper extremities) and restrictions of the nervous system, whether in the spine or any other joint of the body. If the nerves are restricted in function, the end-organ (in this case blood vessels) can be under or over stimulated. Both under and over stimulation can have the same effect, of the artery vessel walls (which are muscles) spasming and restricting blood flow in the extremities – and voila, an episode of Raynaud’s.

How Could Chiropractic Care Work?

Chiropractic care for Raynaud’s is not a specific treatment. However, depending on the underlying cause(s) of Raynaud’s episodes, chiropractic manipulations and other therapies can certainly address those underlying issues. Chiropractic care can help manage restricted blood flow, as well as restrictions of any part of the musculoskeletal system that may impede nerve function. Ultrasound and E-stim therapies can help with muscular and myofascial restrictions. Laser therapy can lead to dramatically increased cellular function that also improves nervous system function.

Chiropractic care is based upon the foundational principle that “the body has the innate capability to heal from within, the nervous system is the master system of the body, co