Winter 2022 Member TipsChris in the UK shared a strategy that worked for him in helping to alleviate his Raynaud’s symptoms and agreed to let us post it in our Winter 2022 Member Tips column.

Here’s his story:

“I’m writing to you in case my experience with Raynaud’s may be helpful. I suffered with the condition for 12 years. At the first sign of cold, some or all of my fingers would go white and numb.

This winter I haven’t had a single attack at all. The only lifestyle change that I can put this down to is a decision to try and eat fermented food (kefir, kimchee, yogurt etc.) daily over the last 2 years.”

As background, Chris read about the association between Raynaud’s and autoimmune conditions.  Some sources suggested that autoimmune diseases may be linked to gut health, and specifically the diversity of bacteria found in someone’s digestive system.  He wasn’t sure how to act on the information until he heard a