Hot Products for Winter 2022Andy in Colorado is an avid year-round bicycle commuter who has been using battery-operated heated gloves for fifteen years.  In that time he’s tried many different brands and recently reviewed three heated glove products for friends.  He shared his reviews with us and we’re featuring them in our Hot Products for Winter 2022 post.  Here’s Andy’s heated glove reviews:

I have a severe case of Raynaud’s. For twelve years I commuted by bicycle about 45 minutes each way to work. This includes winter months, and where I live in Denver, it can be very cold. I have heated insoles (multiple devices) and have had multiple brands of heated gloves.

A number of years ago, I had to be treated for an infected finger due to the cold weather. Over the past two years, I’ve bicycled about the same amount of time for recreation and exercise and purchased improved heated gloves. As a fellow Frostie, I thought I would give you a breakdown of the three brands of heated gloves that I purchased in the last two years.

Hot Products for Winter 2022

Gerbing S7 Men’s Battery Heated Gloves

These are well-made gloves and heat evenly. They have heating elements around each finger and in the palm.  Come with a proprietary charger.

I like the charging method – it’s easy to pull out and insert the battery and I like the way the battery clips in. Overall, a very good battery-operated heated glove.  You can find these on Gerbing’s website.   Available for both men and women. The price is about $249.99 per pair.

Hot Products for Winter 2022

Quanta Vici Heated Gloves

These are really interesting gloves. They are very light in weight and are “smart gloves,” meaning you can connect them to your phone via a smart app.  Then, using your phone, you can set the temperature of the gloves to the level that you want to maintain. They are very warm for me for temperatures above about 45-500F (7-100C).  If used as a glove liner, they would be excellent to keep your hands warm at lower temperatures. Of course, these temperature guidelines are for my Raynaud’s and maybe not for yours.

They come with charging cables and a charger. What is very interesting, and will provide fast charging, is the fact that they use a USB-C connector rather than USB-A.  In addition to faster charging, you won’t have to know which way to plug in the charging cable.  Overall, these gloves are very good for milder temperatures.

Now some negatives – They were introduced as a campaign on Indiegogo at the beginning of 2021 and so are therefore a newer product.  They have some glitches: To turn them on requires 3 touches of the power button, and to turn them off requires 3 touches or the use of the app. It takes a little getting used to, but it works.  One of my gloves was defective and it was an effort to get a replacement. They did not pay for the shipping charge, and it took two months to finally get the new glove.  So, check their warranty to make sure that it won’t be a burden to replace or return them.

Available on Quanta Vici’s website for the price of $269 (previously on sale for $249 when I bought them).


Hot Products for Winter 2022Verlazzio Heated Mittens

These are mittens, and in my experience, because your fingers touch each other, the heat is better distributed than for heated gloves with fingers.  These mittens are super comfortable and heat evenly. They recharge quickly. The batteries use a USB-C connection, meaning you don’t need a special charger. That is, all you need is the USB cable (one cable for recharging the batteries for each mitten).  You can also charge them from any standard USB-A plug using an adaptor.

Heating lasts a long time, even on the highest power setting. The batteries have a light which glows red when recharging, which is very nice because you don’t need a special charging indicator to see the charging status. The gloves are a bargain for many reasons, with their price at Amazon at $99.99.


We’re grateful to Andy for sharing his experience with heated gloves and mittens and hope you’ll find his input helpful.  If you try any of these Hot Products for Winter 2022, we’d love your feedback.  And please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them on our Facebook page or share them with us on Instagram or Twitter.

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