We’re excited to feature some new products from two of our Sponsors in our Hot Products for Fall 2022 column!

Two New Rechargeable Hand Warmers from Ocoopa

Hot Products for Fall 2022The UT2S (nicknamed “The Mag Twin” model) offers something that will really appeal to Frosties – it’s two warmers in one!  It offers the same dependable, fast-heating warmth as Ocoopa’s other models, with the difference being you can split it in half into two separate thin warmers.

We’ve heard from several users that it’s difficult to hold the warmer in one hand and not be “wanting” in the other.  Some solve this issue by buying and carrying two separate ones, but that’s no longer necessary – this model does the job with the option of holding it as a single larger warmer, or two smaller ones.  One downside, you have to charge both warmers separately, but that’s a small compromise for double the heat!  Comes in a variety of colors for $39.99.  Buy direct from Ocoopa and use our special member discount code RAYNAUDS20 during checkout for an additional 20% savings on this great new warmer.  It’s like it was made for us Frosties!

Hot Products for Fall 2022The Union 5s is a modular warmer with a core battery/power charger and a separate case available in a number of colorful choices.  Because it’s modular, you can change out different case colors pending your mood using the same core battery, plus keep a spare battery charged for use at all times when one runs out.  With the two parts together (required for warming, but not for use as a portable charger) it’s heavier than other models and hefty to carry, but offers 4 heat levels and lasts up to 15 hours!  I did try one and boy does it heat up fast!  This model was just released, now available on the Ocoopa website for $45.99.  Seems like a lot, but this is a very powerful warmer.  Again, use our special member discount code RAYNAUDS20 during checkout for an additional 20% savings.

New FibreHeat Socks

Hot Products for Fall 2022FibreHeat™, developers of the self-heating gloves we get so much positive feedback about, tells us the most frequently asked question they receive is “When are you going to have socks?” Good news – the wait is (almost) over – FibreHeat‘s self-heating socks are now available for pre-order and will be on sale this fall season!

The socks use the same technology built into the inner liner fabric of the company’s gloves. It relies on a combination of hi-tech fibers that work together in a patent-pending process to power a unique self-heating capability when interacting with the wearer’s skin. There are no batteries to charge, and no wires to get in your way, which is especially helpful for socks, as wires can be pretty uncomfortable in shoes.

Hot Products for Fall 2022One caveat on the “self-heating” promise:  If the socks work like the gloves, you won’t likely experience the added warmth you would expect when seeing the promise of “self-heating.”  The fabric is actually  “heat sustaining,” which means it produces heat in a way that helps you maintain your body warmth when exposed to the cold.  And we found the gloves did an excellent job of this, so we expect the socks will work similarly.  However, protection from the cold is not the same as adding a layer of warmth.  We just want to manage expectations on these new socks.

FibreHeat’s socks are available in two styles: Thermal City Socks and the more heavyweight Mountain Socks.  Both in Charcoal in sizes S,M,L.  Available on FibreHeat’s website for $22-$24.  Feel free to use our special member discount code RA15 during checkout for an additional 15% savings.

We’d love your feedback on our Hot Products for Fall 2022 column, or any of our previous Hot Products posts.  And please share your new product finds with us. Write to info@raynauds.org, post them on our Facebook page or share them with us on Instagram or Twitter.



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