Woman's WorldWe’re always glad to see the press helping to raise awareness of Raynaud’s, so we were very excited to see this recent article titled “Raynaud’s Phenomenon Might Be the Reason Your Fingers Change Color in the Cold” in Woman’s World Magazine.

But unfortunately the Woman’s World article includes some inaccurate or questionable information that we feel a responsibility to point out to fellow Frosties:

  • More women than men suffer from Raynaud’s because of “the changes that occur during menopause.” – This is not true, yet it’s included as a quote from a medical professional.  How many of us encountered Raynaud’s symptoms years before we were of age for menopause?  Likely most of us!  While we do believe there are hormonal factors at work associated with Raynaud’s, to our knowledge, it’s never been clinically proven.  We’ve heard from women reporting they no longer suffer from Raynaud’s after childbirth, but also just the opposite – women who never suffered before getting pregnant became aware of Raynaud’s attacks during their pregnancy and continued with them after childbirth.  There’s no definitive pattern.  And because the true cause of Raynaud’s is still a mystery, it’s difficult to medically explain these situations.  But pregnancy is a long way away from menopause, so while both events involve hormonal