2022 Raynaud's Awareness CampaignOur theme for the 2022 Raynaud’s Awareness Month campaign was “Signs Your Freezing Hands Aren’t Normal.”  It featured how often painful, sometimes colorful symptoms sufferers experience in fingers, toes and other extremities are not normal.  Those with Raynaud’s know all too well how everyday tasks and actions can cause throbbing, swelling, tingling, numbness, and, for some, zombie-like fingers.

Fellow Frostie Ann Marie Catabia helped design an infographic flagging the signs of Raynaud’s.  The graphic helps build awareness and direct those with similar symptoms to consult with a medical professional to explore treatment options and to rule out the presence of a more serious autoimmune disorder to which Raynaud’s can be secondary.

We’re happy to report this past year’s campaign received phenomenal exposure:  Our press release was picked up by 278 publications representing a potential audience of nearly 190 million.  Both stats are up well over 100% above our results in 2021!

The campaign also generated inquiries from USA Today’s media partner MediaPlanet and New York Magazine’s shopping site The Strategist, with each publication offering opportunities for additional coverage.

Our Raynaud’s Quiz, which is prominently featured during Raynaud’s Awareness Month activities, continues to generate significant interest.  Since its launch in 2019 it’s generated over 68,000 responders.

We’re always looking for new ways to reach the Raynaud’s community.  This year we tested the use of CTV (connected television) advertisements in several larger, colder climate markets.  While we’re still tracking results for these efforts running through the end of November, October insights indicate an increase in new users to our website of over 100%.

Here’s the link to the 2022 Raynaud’s Awareness Campaign press page: Color Changes in Extremities Usually Not Normal, Say Medical Experts.

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