Warm Sleeping TipsWe came across an article in Opera News titled “Why You Should Never Put On Your Socks While Going To Sleep,”  It got our attention because everything we’ve read suggests wearing socks to bed helps everyone sleep better, not just those with Raynaud’s.  Turns out the title must be an error because the article contains several warm sleeping tips for Raynaud’s sufferers, including wearing socks to bed!

Many of the warm sleeping tips featured in the article deal with bath time before bedtime:

  • Baths Help Open the Blood Vessels for Better Circulation – Taking a bath an hour or two prior to going to bed helps warm the feet and improves blood circulation.  The explanation is pretty logical:  Immersing feet in warm water helps dilate the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through. More blood flowing to the feet works to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to help keep them warm.