Raynaud’s and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Gymnastics Star Sets the Record Straight About Raynaud’s

Team USA Gymnastics Champion Kristle Lowell demands Raynaud’s Phenomenon be taken more seriously as a potential year-round disability.

Best Eclipse Photo by a Frostie!

Fellow Frostie and world champion gymnast Kristle Lowell celebrated the eclipse on August 21st with one of her amazing trampoline jumps – what an incredible photo!     For more about Kristle’s accomplishments, see our earlier posts: World Champion Gymnast […]

Athlete Kristle Lowell Soars Again Despite Raynaud’s Challenges

Readers may recall our two previous features about gymnastics champion Kristle Lowell, a record-holding trampoline athlete with the additional challenge of Raynaud’s:  World Champion Gymnast Finds Warm-Ups Among Her Biggest Challenges published on February 13, 2014, and Raynaud’s, Plus New Diagnosis, Doesn’t […]

Raynaud’s, Plus New Diagnosis, Doesn’t Deter Champion Gymnast

USA Gymnastics Champion Kristle Lowell has Raynaud’s phenomenon and her “back story” makes her distinction as impressive as virtually any athlete’s.