Member Story: I Feel Like I Won the Lottery

I have suffered from Raynaud’s for several years but as I have aged the symptoms have increased and have made life a little less enjoyable especially during our cold Midwest winters.   

My doctor tried calcium blockers that gave me only minimum relief but I had to stop taking it due to a problem with low blood pressure.  I read on the Mayo website about some success with nitroglycerin cream.  I took the study results to my doctor and he said there wouldn’t be any harm in trying.  Let me tell you the results are fantastic.  One application to the backs of my hands in the morning gives me almost total relief for about 8 hours. The only side effect I have experienced is a temporary slight headache.  It has improved my life immensely.  I no longer have the stinging pain, horrible blue and purple fingers.  

I hope other sufferers can have some of the same success I have experienced from using the nitroglycerin cream.



P.S.  I am looking at my fingers right now and they look normal.  I feel like I won the lottery.


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