Recruiting for Glove Test – We Have Our Recruits!

Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly – we have now recruited our 25 testers.  Stay tuned for future product testing opportunties!

AglovesWe’ve been contacted by the manufacturer of a new glove made to work with capacitive touchscreen devices.  The company is looking for a few Raynaud’s patients to try their product and provide feedback.  Here’s some background on the gloves:

Agloves are knitted winter gloves designed to work on touch screen devices.  We have found some initial evidence based on customer feedback to us, that Agloves have been helpful for some people with Raynauds.  Agloves are knitted with silver nylon.  The silver makes the gloves conductive and gives people in cold climates the ability to wear gloves and operate a capacitive touch screen such as a iPod, Droid, iPad.

We’re looking for 25 testers who will be asked to use the product and take a short online survey.  Below are the requirements to qualify:

  • Must use touch-sensitive screen electronic devices (such as iPods, iPads, Droids, Blackberry Torch, other touchscreen smartphones or tablets).  
  • Will need to have access to the Internet in order to complete the survey.  
  • Volunteers are limited to those with U.S. shipping addresses.

When you respond, please provide the following information so that the manufacturer can send you the right product for the test:

If you qualify and are interested in participating in the test, please send the above name, address and sizing information to us at:  We’ll forward your information to the manufacturer who will ship you the gloves and provide instructions for accessing the survey.  We’ll take the first qualifying 25 volunteers, so hurry!