Heated Steering Wheel Cover News

We’ve heard from a manufacturer who has been developing a heated steering wheel cover and it’s great news:  The prototype is ready and it’s “everything we wanted it to be!”Steering Wheel

We’ll be seeing the prototype later this month, and if all goes well, the product may be available for purchase in time for next fall.  In the meantime, the manufacturer would appreciate some feedback on pricing.  The product is likely to sell initially for $125 to $135 until volume economies can bring the price down. 

  • How do you feel about the $125-$135 price?  Would you consider buying it? 
  • If we could get a discount for our members that brought the cost down to $100, would that make a difference to you?

Please leave your comments on our blog below or on our Facebook Fan Page.  Here’s some background on the product:


The Wheel-Warmer™ is a portable, heatable (battery-powered) steering wheel cover. It is a totally unique and functional car accessory providing a much desired option only available in ‘luxury’ vehicles at a fraction of the cost!  It is the first portable, battery-operated, adjustable heatable, steering wheel cover on the market.

Quality Materials:  Cover is made with very high quality polyurethane fabric which has an excellent anti-sliding texture especially important for steering wheels covers. It also adds a luxurious look to its functionality.

Heat Function:  Is the only portable, heatable-by-battery, steering wheel cover on the market that can be activated and engaged while driving the vehicle.  It utilizes lithium ion batteries with a specifically designed proprietary controller board for optimum power usage as the power source.   The heater element is comprised of conductive polymer additive compositions which heat the whole surface of the fabric being used, allowing safe, efficient and uniform heating.

Battery:  Comes with an economical specifically designed 11.1V-12.6V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, and battery charger.  The power source is small, removable, economical, powerful, and also rechargeable.   The battery can be recharged with the charger plugged into the cigarette lighter while the car is running or at home in any electrical outlet.  Runs continuously for 2 hours.