Bubble Wrap® Inspires Raynaud’s Product Idea

Bubble Wrap® sponsors an annual contest that challenges students nationwide in grades six through eight to demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity by designing an invention that incorporates the use of Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning.  The children compete to win $25,000 in prizes and savings bonds.

One of this year’s finalists invented a way to use
Bubble Wrap® to help Raynaud’s sufferers:              

Mackenzie Conkling, Massapequa, NY – “Uber Bubble Glove” – A glove insulated by two different layers of Bubble Wrap® material and covered by a larger glove in order keep the hands of people affected by Raynaud’s Disease warm in cold weather.

Don’t you love it?  Mackenzie, good luck in the competition – we’ll all be rooting for you!  Read more about the 2011 and previous Bubble Wrap® Competitions for Young Inventors winners at www.bubblewrapcompetition.com.