Tips Around the Web for Raynaud’s Sufferers

In the process of scouting the web we found several recent articles with tips specifically designed to help reduce Raynaud’s attacks for frozen Frosties. 

Some of the ideas worth sharing include:

  • Rituals for getting started in the morning
  • Follow sunshine across rooms to stay warm while you work
  • Substances to avoid (including caffeine and antihistamines)
  • Suggested sacrifices for loved ones and significant others
  • Wearing roomy shoes to aid circulation and accommodate foot swelling
  • Value of exercise and activity to keep the blood moving
  • Strategic use of clothes dryers to warm towels, socks and gloves

The articles include stories and frustrating experiences from the authors we’re sure many Frosties can identify with, such as asking doctors for advice and treatment and being told “Just stay warm”…gee thanks!  And how about the nicknames we get from friends and loved ones?  “Touch of Death” may be a new one…

As with all advice, use your judgement.  For example, we do not support tips involving the use of preheated convection ovens for warming your hands!

What was the most inventive tip?  Our vote goes to the one from Anne Mawdsley, founder of the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association in the UK.  Her idea is both inexpensive and simple:  Bake a potato, wrap it in tinfoil and use it as a handwarmer – it stays warm for hours!

To see all of the tips, here are links to the articles:

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How a Potato Can Improve Blood Supply

And please share your tips with us and fellow Frosties, as we often learn best from each other!