We’ve shared in the past that Botox® is being tested as a potential treatment for Raynaud’s.  Results of an initial small study were promising enough that a new trial is underway at Emory University – unfortunately still a small study, but at least it’s progress.

The theory behind the research is that Botox® may block the action of noradrenaline, the chemical that triggers the constriction of blood vessels in Raynaud’s attacks.  In the trial, participants will receive the Botox® injections in one hand, while the other hand remains the “control” used for comparison.  For more information on the research in progress, see the article in the Daily Mail.

Let’s hope the results show promise, and that researchers continue to find creative solutions to bring relief to frozen Frosties.   Stay tuned to our web site for more news of clinical trials and requests for participants.

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