Here are some promising products we found this month:

Protexgloves GraphicProtexglovesThese are stretchy, flexible gloves made with a unique blend of Supplex® nylon and Lycra® elastane.  They were originally designed by a gardener to offer hobbyists more dexterity with protection outdoors, then the manufacturer discovered that they were being used by sufferers of chronic disorders who found they had therapeutic benefits.  As a result, a new line was developed specifically focused on providing soothing comfort for a number of health issues, including Raynaud’s.  One product in the line has ¾ coverage on the fingers, so the tips are open for greater sensitivity for everyday tasks.  Come in both shorter and longer lengths for more coverage, along with a grip version for even greater dexterity.  Available at  Choose from Black, Sahara Beige or Periwinkle Blue.  Prices range from $21.00 to $29.00.