Bathing SuitA recent study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine supports that eating behavior can be correlated to the development of autoimmune disorders.

Automimmune illnesses involve the body’s immune system turning on itself and attacking its own tissues.  Raynaud’s is in the category of autoimmune diseases.  One of the researchers was quoted as saying that if appetite-promoting AgRP neurons are suppressed, T cells are more likely to result in autoimmune responses that could lead to a number of autoimmune disorders.  One conclusion is that these appetite- controlling neurons correlate to the body’s immune responses.

So as you’re thinking about losing a few pounds to get in shape this summer, research suggests going about it the old-fashioned way – eat smarter and more healthy, and exercise to use up more calories.   Moderate weight loss with exercise is still the safest strategy.  Be careful about using drugs that trick your body into thinking it’s full, as altering these T cells can potentially trigger the spread of autoimmune disorders.   Fad diets and drugs can really backfire in ways we never imagined!

Click here for the full article in Science Daily.

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