Show Your Support for “Support Group Awareness Month”

ASHCH LogoThe American Self-Help Clearinghouse is working to proclaim January as “National Support Group Awareness Month.”  You can help by signing their petition addressed to the White House.

The purpose of creating the national event is to build awareness for the many community resources across the country that provide valuable social support, practical information, education, and empowerment for those facing a wide variety of life’s hardships.  There are over 1,100 support groups across the country and internationally providing needed services locally and online for those experiencing addictions, bereavement, health, mental health, disabilities, abuse, parenting, caregiver concerns and many other stressful life issues.

When we founded the Raynaud’s Association in 1992, The Self-Help Clearinghouse network was extremely helpful in getting us started, so we’d really appreciate your support for this cause.  You’ll also be voicing your support for our efforts in serving the Raynaud’s community.  So please sign the petition now!