Thermastat Wars

Now that summer and warm weather are coming, Raynaud’s sufferers need to be armed for battle in protecting their right to warmth against the enemy:  air conditioning.  In summer and warm weather, Raynaud’s sufferers need to be armed for battle against the enemy: air conditioning. Let the Thermostat Wars Begin!  Love this quote from an article on the thermostat wars in the Washington Post:  “…when it comes to temperature, it seems women are from Venus and men are from Planet Freon.”  Sound familiar?

The quote above has real research behind it:  Kathryn Sandberg, director of the Georgetown University Center for the Study of Sex Differences in Health, Aging and Disease states there are a number of studies – including military research – documenting that women generally are far more sensitive to the cold than men.  So it’s not just Frosties who suffer from summer air-conditioning-itis:  There’s scientific evidence to suggest that women in general have a lower tolerance to the pain of cold than do men.  And it’s not just true among humans – studies across several species of mammals show similar results.

The Washington Post article goes on to describe how women and men have their defenses up for getting their way controlling home temperatures, and it usually involves women waiting for their spouse to leave for work, then donning ski clothes in the depth of summer heat and humidity when they return.  Many women and their female offspring just give in to sporting winter jackets and warm slippers in the home when the man of the house is around.  What they don’t discuss is the impact on office environments.  Raynaud’s sufferers consistently complain of  issues with the cold air in their workplace, and some of us have discovered a whole new function for duct tape – covering air vents!

We found this video from the Rachael Ray show that outlines some pretty effective strategies for co-existing with different internal thermostats.  Interesting that in the featured home, the usual roles are reversed:  It’s the husband who’s always cold and the wife who’s always turning down the heat.

Thermostat Wars(Note:  Scroll down the landing page after clicking the graphic above to see the video.)

So what’s the situation in your home and office?  Inquiring Frosties want to know!  If you’ve got a successful strategy for compromising on the temps with the home and work partners in your life, please share them with us.

Click here for the full article in the Washington Post

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