Socks Ballet & Sheep

Joy in Maine is a big fan of Grabber’s heated socks.  She says:  “Cabela’s has socks by Grabber  that I would completely endorse as a Frostie – they are about $25 and  battery-operated. Inside my shoes they work amazingly well.”  Thanks so much for sharing your find with us Joy!

Natha in Texas discovered the natural warmth of cashmere: “I bought cashmere socks.  I have two cashmere coats and they are the warmest coats I own.”  Editor’s note:  For those looking to treat themselves to the luxury of cashmere, you might also consider alpaca as an alternative – it offers the same incredible softness against your toes as cashmere, but is warmer than wool.  One of our members who is also a Sponsor has a great story about starting an alpaca farm to make warm socks after her sister introduced her to a pair.  

Natha also passed along a couple of additional ideas for keeping our toes warm: The lambs wool liners that ballerinas use to protect their toes (as a former dancer, I always wondered if this solution would work!), and the more modern Pump Pouches made by ProFeet – both used to cover and cushion the toes inside our shoes.  Sounds like the secret to warmth is sheep and llamas!

What are your ideas?  What products work for you?  Write to:, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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