We have some wonderful followers on Twitter who sometimes make our day with their wit and wisdom.

The Mighty Turtle (@TurtleMighty) is one who really made us smile when she shared this fun illustration of what happens during a Raynaud’s attack and the army of Viagra coaches come to her aid.

Turtleism Raynaud's Illustration

When we asked to publish the illustration in our newsletter we learned that the graphic was created by her friend Chris Dean (@pixiecd13) who also composed a fun blog post on Raynaud’s (which she calls Ra-na’s because she never gets the French accent right!).

We found the post so entertaining we had to share it, too.  But don’t be fooled, this light-hearted commentary includes some useful information on Raynaud’s, and you might want to pass it on to others who could be enlightened by her editorial.  It’s certainly more fun than reading an academic research article on the subject!

Here’s the link to Chris’ post.  Thanks so much Chris!

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