In our last newsletter, we published an article on the “Thermal Wars” between partners – one always hot, the other always cold (sound familiar?).  More recently we found that the mattress manufacturers have jumped in to monetize the opportunity in the bedroom war zone wiMattressesth climate-controlled beds.

It’s no wonder manufacturers see this as a ripe market:  The International Sleep Products Association has surveys reporting that bedroom temperature is the most common complaint among couples with sleep issues.  Unfortunately for us Frosties, the new technologies are being designed to support the enemy from Planet Freon and help keep them cooler in warmer months.  The theory is that the chilly partner can easily warm up with traditional low-tech options (blankets, fleece PJ’s, etc.).   Raynaud’s sufferers are obviously not being well-represented in these studies!

These cooling devices designed to harmonize temperatures for warring couples aren’t cheap – prices are well over $1,000 on the low-end, with some approaching as much as $5,000!  What’s interesting is hearing how the trend may have actually started by counteracting the excess warmth created by memory foam beds introduced a couple of years ago (like the iComfort from Serta).  It appears the foam material retains body heat at night and causes overheating.   There’s also talk that innerspring mattresses can cause overheating, as well.

Little did we know that while the mattress industry was creating these new technologies years back, that it would benefit us Frosties!  Now our vocal sleep partners have finally been heard and a new mattress cooling market is born.  Let’s hope it cools down those thermal wars, too!

Here’s the complete article in the Wall Street Journal.

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