Member Turns Frustration into Brave Effort and Support for Raynaud’s

Bravelets GraphicRachel Boehm, like many of us when first diagnosed, considered Raynaud’s a minor inconvenience.  But when the frequency and intensity of her attacks increased, she feared she was developing a more serious autoimmune disorder.  She was relieved to learn her Raynaud’s was primary (not secondary to another condition),  but as she learned more about Raynaud’s in this process, she grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of awareness, understanding, and support among friends and colleagues.

Rachel decided to do something to help promote the cause.  She’s been accepted to participate in the JFK 50miler in Washington County, MD this November and is dedicating her brave run in the cold to Raynaud’s awareness.  To add a tangible effort to her commitment, she created a collection of Bravelets™ with $10 from each sale going to the Raynaud’s Association.

Bravelets™ are bracelets designed to represent a symbol of hope, strength and courage, helping you be brave in the toughest of times. The primary theme in their design is the triangle. To quote the web site: “The triangle is the strongest geometric shape. Bravelets™ bracelets are worn to help you be strong and brave in tough situations.”

We love the Bravelets™ collection Rachel has chosen for our cause.  The designs incorporate the colors blue and purple into many of the jewelry choices.  As people stare at our colorful fingers, let’s hope they notice the Bravelets™ and that they work to open up a dialogue among friends, family and associates and help spread the word about Raynaud’s.   That’s so important because 80% of the over 15 million sufferers have no idea that that their discomfort is caused by a medical condition.

Please join us in thanking Rachel for her brave efforts and showing your support by buying a Bravelet™ for Raynaud’s Awareness.