Sister Accused of Faking Raynaud’s Attacks

Frozen Food AisleWe’ve probably all experienced situations when others don’t understand the pain associated with triggering a Raynaud’s attack.  But we’d like to believe that our families will be supportive.

Recently we saw a question to a physician on where a brother accuses his sister of lying about not being able to walk down the freezer aisle in the grocery store just to get out of doing the food shopping.  His “evidence” is the fact that she is able to tolerate a full day of skiing out on the slopes.

Fortunately the doctor set the brother straight by explaining how a change in temperature can trigger attacks.  When the sister is dressed for the cold and well-protected, she may be OK outside skiing.  But when she’s dressed for a typical day in the neighborhood, then steps in and out of a cold freezer aisle food shopping, that may be a real problem for her.

Glad to see some docs helping us get the word out – we’re not faking, chronic complainers, or lazy – we’re just painfully cold!  Here’s the Q&A.