With a chill in the air, we’re all searching for new products to keep us comfortable and toasty for the season.  Here are a few items we’ve discovered that Frosties may want to try – if you can find them, as some are selling out fast!

Heated FlashlightHand Warming Flashlight – This is a multi-tasking product that is a flashlight, hand warmer and charges your mobile devices!  The hand warmer will heat for up to 5 hours on a single charge reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 C).  Comes with a cozy knit cover and USB charging cord for $29.95 from Verseo.  Carla, A fellow Frostie also found a similar 3-in-1 product made by Enerhandz.  It sells through Amazon but is currently unavailable.   Must be a new hot category (pun intended)!

Leather Heated GlovesHeated Leather Gloves – We were amazed to recently see these in a