Nose Cell ATM Keyboard GraphicCatherine (Facebook Fan) suggests:  “I have been known to use my nose when my finger doesn’t register on a touch screen. :-)”  We’ve all been there, trying to punch numbers into the ATM and nothing happens.  It may look funny, but could be effective!

Claire (Facebook Fan) shared the following idea:  “Tip for anyone  working in an office with Raynaud’s or anything else that leads to cold hands.   Buy a cheap bean bag toastie and put it in the microwave at work and infront of your keyboard/laptop.  Keeps you warm and once it cools down it’s also comfy to rest your elbows or other achy joints on during long calls!”

Marcia (Facebook Fan) found an inexpensive way to protect her fingers while staying in touch on cold days:  “I purchased mid-season athletic runners gloves at Costco that have e-tips for using your cell phone. $12 per pair. The logo on them says “Head.” Beats exposing your fingers, cause my fingertips split wide open as soon as the season begins to change…”  Lots of Frosties have this issue.  Another strategy is use gloves knitted with silver threads in the fabric (e.g. Agloves).  The silver helps helps to reflect body heat and regulate temperature, while it also is conductive so they are great for using touch screen devices – no e-tips needed.

What are your ideas?  What products work for you?  Write to:  Post them in our Discussion Forum.  Or join us on Facebook.

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