Huff Post Healthy Living Logo - 2We were pleased to see the Huffington Post cover a reporter’s personal story on living with Raynaud’s since her teenage years.  Like many of us, however, she wasn’t formally diagnosed until well into her 30’s.

The article titled Are Your Hands Almost Always Cold? You Might Have Raynaud’s Syndrome  by Jill Brown includes experiences that are quite common for us Frosties:  Wondering why the cold causes us so much more pain and discomfort than our friends, dealing with issues that get in the way of doing our jobs (she’s a TV reporter and has to work a camera outdoors).  And the kicker – when a doctor tells her she has Raynaud’s, the best advice offered is “move someplace warmer” – gee thanks for the professional advice doc!

The story covers the difference between primary vs. secondary Raynaud’s, offers some lifestyle tips, and points our the author’s personal nemisis – the air conditioning at her gym.  But what I love most about this piece is the list of activities Jill discovered she’d have to cross off her bucket list.  How many of these items are on yours?

Things not to do with Raynaud’s:

  1. Climb Mt. Everest
  2. Ice Climbing
  3. Polar Bear Plunging
  4. Ice sculpting
  5. Race across the North or South Pole
  6. Compete in the Ididerod
  7. Learn to surf in CA

She invites fellow sufferers to share their stories with her, so feel free to contact her.  Here’s Jill’s Twitter handle:

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