Infographic - Aware StatWe’re designating October as Raynaud’s Awareness Month, as it’s the start of the colder weather and a good time to alert sufferers (many of whom are not aware they have a medical condition) to arm themselves for the upcoming season.

We’d like to hear from our members and followers with ideas for helping us get the word out about Raynaud’s.

Raynaud’s is a widespread condition – 15 to 30 million sufferers – but 80% of fellow Frosties have no idea their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation.  To have an impact, we need your help, so please share your feedback and idea with us!


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The Raynaud’s Association is, without a doubt, the best source of information for anyone with Raynaud’s. They are always sharing the latest medical information, information about products & tips to help Raynaud’s sufferers. I have found out more helpful information from them than I have from my doctor. by J.W. (Canada)
Best Source of Information for Anyone With Raynaud's

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