What’s the Best Place for Frosties to Nest?

Nest ThermostatThe Wall Street Journal ran an article reporting an analysis of thermostat temperatures across the country based on data gathered via Wi-Fi connections from Nest, the product manufacturer now owned by Alphabet (aka Google’s parent company).

According to the data, it appears that thermostat temperatures in homes found in northern states are set lower than those in homes anywhere else in the U.S.  Based on this information, Michael Blasnik, a senior scientist at Nest, makes the following hypothesis:  “Colder winters in the North mean that those residents are likely acclimated to the colder weather.”

As a Raynaud’s sufferer who has lived in the North (NY and CT) for over 35 years, I take issue with this statement.  Any other Northern Frosties feel “acclimated to the cold” here in the North?  I doubt it!

Dr. Allison Bailes from Energy Vanguard, a heating and cooling consulting firm in Decatur, GA, more likely got it right with his interpretation:  “What it really comes down to is reducing utility bills.  The cost-conscious keep the central system set low and they’ll carry a space heater from room to room.”  So maybe Northern residents are more conscious of their heating bills because of the more extreme temperatures they experience?  I couldn’t live without my trusty space heater!

Califormia is the one state where thermostats are set higher than anywhere else in the country, but only in the summer season.  The hypothesis here is that the dry climate makes higher temperatures more tolerable.  In Winter, the prize for highest settings goes to the Southwest.  Guess that’s the best place for Frosties in colder months!

Here’s the full article plus a chart with temperature breakdowns across regions.