We found this infographic on a Pinterest page of one of our followers and wanted to share it with fellow Frosties:


 Lifestyle Tips To Improve Circulation (Infographic)
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Here’s a link to the original post:  http://www.therapystockings.com/lifestyle-tips-to-improve-circulation-infographic/

Editor’s Note:  While the author groups Raynaud’s in the category of people with poor circulation, most Raynaud’s sufferers have normal circulation.  The issue for Frosties is that we overreact when exposed to extreme cold or stress.  The average person has this same reaction – it’s called the Fight or Flight Syndrome, and it’s a normal human response to extreme conditions.

In the Fight or Flight Syndrome, what happens is that the blood vessels in the extremities shut down to send the blood to the body’s trunk or core in order to protect the vital organs.  In the process, the fingers or toes (or other extremity) can turn white as the blood leaves the digits, then they can turn blue from the lack of oxygen, and finally may turn red as the blood flows back into the digits once the person is calm or warm again (sound familiar?).

The difference is that for Raynaud’s sufferers, our threshold for “extreme” is much lower than for a normal person.  While most people will be fine until the temperature drops to maybe zero degrees or lower, a Raynaud’s sufferer may trigger an attack at maybe as high as 60 or 70 degrees.  But if you were to ask a doctor to test your circulation in the absence of an attack, it would likely appear normal, with no vascular issues.

Still the tips for improving circulation are of value to Raynaud’s sufferers, and we’re glad to see Raynaud’s included in the group of people who can benefit from them.



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