We found a web site called Another Mother Runner that collected a list of tips and preventative measures from fellow runners with Raynaud’s.

The tips are organized by the stage of the run:  Pre-run, During, and Post-workout.  You may find some of the suggestion to be obvious, but we wanted to pass them all along:

Pre-run Tips

  • Avoid caffeine – it constricts the blood vessels.
  • Start with a blast of heat to warm the extremities – run them under warm water, place them near a heater (we don’t recommend using the stove as the article suggests!)
  • Apply a lubricating barrier – the author recommends a heavy cream with beeswax.  We suggest using a product called Warm Skin – it’s proven to provide a protective barrier from the cold.

During the Run

  • Use gloves and mittens – whichever you need based on the temperatures.  Carry both for different phases of the run.
  • Use hand warmers (chemical heat packs) – our members receive discounts on Grabber and HotHands warmers.  Note:  You’re not supposed to place the warmers directly next to your skin, so add a liner layer if using these toasty packs.
  • Wear arm warmers and/or compression socks – compression socks help promote circulation; arm warmers add an extra layer.  Check out the arm warmers from Limbkeepers available in several styles and colors with our 25% discount!
  • Keep the rest of the body warm – add a layer to the core and a hat.  They’ll help keep the whole body warmer.
  • Stay relaxed – stress can trigger attacks, so keep it loose.  Some runners find it helps to shake out their hands to relieve stress and get the juices going.


  • Shed the wet workout wear – Even if you don’t have time or access to a warm shower, peel off the sweaty clothes and don a warm fleece top or whatever works to keep you warm.
  • Have a warm drink – It not only helps to warm you on the inside, your hands will enjoy the warmth from the heated cup of decaf, tea or hot chocolate!
  • If needed, do the windmill exercise – make some big arm circles to get the blood flowing back into the fingers if they start changing color or go numb.
  • Treat yourself – nothing like a nice massage to get the circulation going again!

Here’s the full article: