Several fellow Raynaud’s sufferers recently submitted suggestions, and we’re sharing them in our Member Tips – Spring 2016 post.

Massage Clip ArtScleroderma Foundation Member (Tri-State) – A participant in a teleconference seminar with members of the Scleroderma Foundation suggested Raynaud’s sufferers try Russian Friction Massage therapy.  The technique uses friction to stimulate heat within the body with slower, more gentle motions than used in a typical sports massage.  The friction, combined with the use of kneading, slapping and vibration techniques, works to ease stiff, painful muscles and relieves stress.  The process is also said to potentially help improve the functioning of the nervous system, the immune system, and the respiratory system.  It all sounds great, except for the slapping part…Latex Gloves

Sadia (UK)  has a simple but effective solution for keeping her hands warm outdoors – she adds a layer of latex gloves as liners under regular gloves.  For her, it really helps, so give it a try!

Natha (TX)  and  Joyce (MN) both wrote to us saying that “soft sculpture snow boots” (specifically UGG®-like boots) helped them get through the winter.

UGG Boot Clip ArtNatha told us her toes were “horrible” – turning colors with digital ulcers.  A friend talked her into buying a pair of UGGs®.  With the boots, combined with warm cashmere socks, her feet starting clearing up.  She’s not had a problem with her feet in the cold weather for at least two years – with no meds!

Joyce also found relief with UGG®-like boots, plus Dr. Scholl’s® sherpa liners. The liners raise the feet off the bottom, adding a soft layer of warmth and further insulation from the cold ground.  She says the boots and liners don’t make her Raynaud’s go away, but do provide an extra measure of warmth and safety.

Note:  Both Natha and Joyce bought boots a half-size larger than their usual shoe size.  This is important for comfort because feet tend to swell during Raynaud’s attacks.  It also gives your toes more wiggle room for movement if they start to go numb.  Thanks to you both for sharing your warm toe strategies!

What are your ideas?  What products work for you?  Write to:  Post them in our Discussion Forum.  Or join us on Facebook.

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