It’s not easy finding products for us Frosties over the summer months, but we did discover a few that may be of interest to Raynaud’s sufferers, and good news – some are even on sale!

Wrist Warmers - Gardener's SupplyComforting Wrist Warmers 
– These soft chenille fingerless gloves have a pocket to insert a microwaveable warmer filled with rice and flaxseed.  We’re not crazy about slippers and socks with rice-based inserts, as they are hard to walk on, but they should work fine for the wrists and help send warmth to the hands.  Available from Gardener’s Supply Company originally for $24.95, but now on sale for only $4.99, so not much to lose (except shipping costs!).  One size, available in blue or purple.


Polartec Power Stretch - LL BeanPolartec Power Stretch Apparel – L.L. Bean introduced a stretchy Polartec line this year that offers a wind and water-resistant outer layer combined with a soft, cozy lining.  The insulating fabric “traps body heat and wicks perspiration to keep you warm and dry.”  These are features we’ve seen in other Polartec-based products, but L.L. Bean’s items are also stretchy, for a really comfy fit!  The line includes a hoodie, pants, vest, gloves and hats so you can be warm and protected from head to ankle!  Most styles are available for both men and women, and many items are now on sale, so check them out soon and stock up for the coming season.  Lots of fun colors to choose from.  Available in a range of prices, and most are now on sale!


Wool RunnersWool Runners Shoes – We’ve published the benefits of merino wool for Frosties in past posts (its temperature regulation feature and superior moisture management), and we’ve tested slippers and boots made of felt-like wool fibers, but these are the first shoes we’ve seen made purely of merino wool.  The shoes are called Wool Runners, made by Allbirds in the style of comfy sneakers.  They are promoted as lightweight, breathable, and flexible, and look like socks for your feet (yum!).  Available for both men and women in a number of neutral and limited edition colors for $95.


If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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