We found this video created by the DidYouKnow web site that shows the three stages of color changes often experienced by Raynaud’s sufferers, and gives a very basic explanation of the condition.

Frosties may find this to be a good introduction to the disorder when explaining it to friends, family and colleagues.

One comment in the video we take issue with:  It states that Raynaud’s is sometimes referred to as an “Allergy to coldness.”  Raynaud’s is not an allergic reaction to the cold.

There is another condition that is also extremely sensitive to cold temperatures called Cold or Physical Urticaria. With this condition, a sufferer is literally allergic to cold temperatures.  Symptoms involve breaking out in a rash and itching.  Here’s the description: “Cold or physical urticaria is a condition in which red allergic skin lesions and itching are produced by exposure to cold temperatures, water, or mild trauma.”

Raynaud’s and cold urticaria are sometimes confused even in the medical community, so it’s important to know the difference and seek the proper treatment.

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