We at the Raynaud’s Association are delighted to see a spate of new warming products designed with Frosties in mind.

One such producer is EMBR Labs, a Cambridge, MA based company that has launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign for its Embr Wave heating and cooling wristband. The device delivers an instant dose of localized thermal relief at the touch of a button. According to company co-founder David Cohen-Tanugi, studies show that this gives the wearer a body-wide sensation of thermal comfort. If you’re cold, for example, just press the button for a soothing pulse of warmth.

It also has a cooling effect, although Frosties may not have that feature in mind when ordering the product!

Dr. Cohen-Tanugi, who heads product development for the startup, told the Raynaud’s Association, “Raynaud’s wasn’t really on our radar when we developed the product, but when we developed prototypes and got some publicity, we got a lot of positive interest from people with Raynaud’s. We see a large market potential there.”

We’re excited to test the product when it becomes available this winter. Stay tuned for a review!

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