Raynaud’s Store News: New Items!

Raynaud’s Store news:  We’ve added two new items this season to help keep Frosties warm:

Raynaud's Store NewsSpecial Edition Glider Gloves

Our Sponsor at Glider Gloves is offering a limited edition version of their Winter style gloves branded with our logo on both hands.

Unlike other touchscreen-friendly gloves, their triple layer, well-insulated design helps trap heat and circulate it. But they are still thin enough to support good touch accuracy and dexterity.

We sold out of the smalls quickly, but now have all sizes back in stock.  Lots of great features for $28!  Click here for more information and to order.

Raynaud's Store NewsFleece Scarf with Pockets

This fleece scarf does more than keep you warm – it has two 9-inch deep pockets to hold your cell phone, keys, coins and frosty fingers!  The extra-long 80″ x 10″ scarf comes in royal blue and has one pocket embroidered with our colorful logo.

A great value for just $16!  Click here for more information and to order.

Check out our other great items, including:

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Purchases from the Raynaud’s Store help us spread the word about Raynaud’s and support our efforts to make this world a warmer, more comfortable place for Frosties everywhere.  Please help support our cause!