Value our EffortsDear Friend,

In past holiday messages, we’ve shared our progress in educational and awareness-building initiatives that have reached millions of people.  We’ve talked about the great need for building awareness of Raynaud’s, as so few (less than 10%) realize their pain and discomfort have a medical explanation.  And we’ve lamented the loss of our largest contributor – a pharmaceutical company that placed its Raynaud’s drug research, along with our support, on hold, making our challenge that much harder.

But the real issue is the value we’re providing to the Raynaud’s community.  So we stood back and asked do our members value our efforts?

Fellow Frosties Tell Our Story

This year, we decided to let our members and followers speak for us, as they tell our story so much better than we can.  Here’s a series of comments we’ve received in serving the Raynaud’s community:

  • “My Doctor provided very little information about the disease or how