Fellow Frosties Tell Us They Value Our Efforts. Do You Agree?

Dear Friend,

In past holiday messages, we’ve shared our progress in educational and awareness-building initiatives that have reached millions of people.  We’ve talked about the great need for building awareness of Raynaud’s, as so few (less than 10%) realize their pain and discomfort have a medical explanation.

And we’ve lamented the loss of our largest contributor – a pharmaceutical company that placed its Raynaud’s drug research, along with our support, on hold, making our challenge that much harder.

Fellow Frosties Tell Our Story

This year, we decided to let our members and followers speak for us, as they tell our story so much better than we can.  Here’s a series of comments we’ve received in serving the Raynaud’s community:

  • “My Doctor provided very little information about the disease or how to live with it.  I found the Raynaud’s Association to be the best source for information and support.”  J.W.
  • “It’s really helpful to know that you are not alone…For my family and friends it’s really hard to understand how uncomfortable it is to feel frozen even when the weather outside isn’t so cold.”  C.T.
  • “Gives very helpful information on products that make living with Raynaud’s easier. Shows that you are not alone and that there are others that understand what you are going through.”  J.O.
  • “So helpful for recommendations of survival tips, product reviews & discounts. Humorous posts to get you through challenging days. This is the only site that speaks to Raynaud’s.”  L.C.
  • “I am so happy there is this site to help us & others understand what this is & how they can help someone. And the vendors too are great giving ideas for warmth & special deals on pricing..best site ever..”  D.J.
  • “Absolutely great to have a place to chat and learn about this difficult to manage hidden illness. Love the competitions, love the reviews & great to have so many links to Raynaud’s products!”  L.A.
  • “I am a huge fan of (the RA) site. They continue to keep me up to date with research, potential methods to help reduce the frequency of a flare up, as well as new gadgets that can help! It is definitely my “go to” for the latest and greatest for trustworthy information…I highly recommend this site!!!”  A.J.
  • “The Raynaud’s Association has given me a platform to speak about my journey with Raynaud’s. I felt alone, but once I found this association I met thousands of other sufferers.”  A.C.
  • “This video is awesome!  It’s great to see this so others can see exactly what we live with every day.  Thank you for making these!!”  S.M.
  • “The Raynaud’s Association was my sanity saver!…It helped me and my doctor diagnose my Raynaud’s and continues to be my authoritative resource!  The support I receive has been absolutely amazing!”  A.M.
  • “I am glad I found this site, and you, and now I have some hope and at least I can talk to people that have this…OMG!  Thanks so much you’re a lifesaver…”  S.F.
  • “Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without all your tips…Thank you for pulling it all together – now the winter isn’t looking quite so intimidating!”  M.L.
  • “Hi, I did not know what I had until I found this site…and it is affecting my life…Thank you so much.”  K.R.
    • I am thrilled to find this organization. I have suffered with Raynaud’s for probably 20 years and just dealt with it. Thank you for existing.”  S.W.

Do You Agree That Our Efforts Are Making a Difference?

If you’ve personally benefited from our educational information on Raynaud’s, discovered a product through us that brought you warmth, or experienced the relief that you’re not alone in your pain through our Forum and social media pages, please help us help others as we’ve helped you.

Show your appreciation by donating today – any amount, $5, $10, $25 or more will help us make a difference in the lives of other Raynaud’s sufferers.

We’re an all-volunteer organization:  No salaries, no overhead, no hefty administrative costs – all of our resources are devoted to the support of the Raynaud’s community.

Please donate now.  Click to make a donation by credit card:

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Your support tells us you agree that we’re making a difference in the lives of millions of sufferers.

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Lynn Wunderman
Chairman and Founder
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