We found a post from Username “Playoutsidegal” on a blog called playoutsideguide.com titled “Cold Feet:  Surviving Winter With Raynaud’s.”

Like many Raynaud’s sufferers, she’s had the condition from a young age, but was told by parents and teachers she just had poor circulation.  Finally a doctor witnessed her symptoms years later and diagnosed her properly.

The post does a nice job of defining Raynaud’s in layman’s terms, outlines treatment options and suggests being tested to determine if a more serious primary ailment is involved.

But the main content involves her strategies for getting through the winter that help reduce her Raynaud’s attacks.  They include:

  • Keep the core and whole body warm by dressing in layers – don’t just focus on the extremities.
  • Wear gloves or mittens, particularly long ones that cover jacket sleeves to keep out the cold (Wristies were invented for a similar purpose)
  • Wear merino wool and thick hiking socks with winter boots – make sure they are large enough to accommodate thick socks (see several options in our Warm Toe S