We found a post from Username “Playoutsidegal” on a blog called playoutsideguide.com titled “Cold Feet:  Surviving Winter With Raynaud’s.”

Like many Raynaud’s sufferers, she’s had the condition from a young age, but was told by parents and teachers she just had poor circulation.  Finally a doctor witnessed her symptoms years later and diagnosed her properly.

The post does a nice job of defining Raynaud’s in layman’s terms, outlines treatment options and suggests being tested to determine if a more serious primary ailment is involved.

But the main content involves her strategies for getting through the winter that help reduce her Raynaud’s attacks.  They include:

  • Keep the core and whole body warm by dressing in layers – don’t just focus on the extremities.
  • Wear gloves or mittens, particularly long ones that cover jacket sleeves to keep out the cold (Wristies were invented for a similar purpose)
  • Wear merino wool and thick hiking socks with winter boots – make sure they are large enough to accommodate thick socks (see several options in our Warm Toe Solutions post)
  • Protect your face from frostbite with ski goggles and face masks
  • Avoid touching cold items directly – use insulated glasses, hold by the stem or cover with a napkin
  • Eat regularly and stay hydrated to maintain the body temperature
  • Avoid stress which can trigger attacks – self-help techniques like biofeedback and meditation, while not clinically proven, are options to try (see the Alternative Treatment section of our Raynaud’s Day Conference post)
  • Exercise regularly and keep the body moving (e.g. arm windmills) to get the circulation going

It’s great to see Frosties sharing their ideas for staying warm and warding off attacks.  Here’s a link to the full article:  Cold Feet:  Surviving Winter With Raynaud’s

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