This season we’re featuring products from Hammacher Schlemmer that can potentially bring warmth and comfort to Raynaud’s sufferers.  This is a merchant that often features products of interest to Frosties during the cold weather season, and this winter we found quite a few!  All products are covered on the company’s Lifetime Guarantee.

Cordless Heated Bath MatCordless Heated Bath Mat – When you come out of a warm shower, why step onto the cold tile floor when you could treat your toes to a toasty treat?  Turns on from a button on the top of the mat.  Has two heating zones and lasts for up to 5 hours depending on the setting (low/medium/high).  Heats via a rechargeable battery pack that can be removed for washing (which is a good thing because it only comes in white!).  Has a non-slip rubberized bottom.  Sells for $99.95.

Quick Removal Windshield Snow TarpQuick Removal Windshield Snow Tarp – We featured a similar product in the summer of 2015 from QVC. This is a cover for the car windshield that lets you remove snow and ice without risking frozen fingers on a blustery day.  The cover secures to the car through two flaps that hook inside car windows, along with seven magnets that promise not to scratch the car (wonder how their Lifetime Guarantee covers this one!).  No need to scrape ice off the wipers, as the cover shields these, too!  Fits most cars and SUV’s.  Sells for $19.95 – less than the QVC product we found over two years ago!

Instant Warmth Space HeaterInstant Warmth Space Heater – This thin little space heater packs a lot of instant heat!  The micathermic technology combines both radiant and convective heat, enabling the unit to warm an area faster, while heating larger areas efficiently.  There are two heat settings, and at only 27″ wide and 10″ deep, it’s efficient on space, too!  Can also be wall mounted.  Built-in safety features are designed to prevent overheating and tip-overs.  Best of all (beyond the toasty heat), it’s virtually silent when running.  Carry handle and casters support easily moving the heater from room to room.  Sells for $99.95.

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.

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